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Member benefits

UGM is made up of 600 unique music teachers, students and music publishers from all over the Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Join us!

 MG 0662membersThe UGM network can provide you with camaraderie, marketing support and new ideas.

Specifically, the Ukranian Guild of Music provides our independent music teacher members with opportunities to:

Attract New Students

Through our online directory, parents from your area can easily search to find you, based on the information you’ve provided.  Here is your chance to market your experience, expertise and talents to future students' families.

Encourage Current Students to Continue Studies

UGM’s events provide our members’ students with the chance to shine while having fun – inspiring them to want to practice and achieve more. They gain access to these events through their teacher members.  It is great incentive for continue learning and building skills.

Music Contests and Examinations

UGM programs specialise in the wants of the "special and unique" music student. They're hospitable to students of all ages and levels to encourage them in their musical studies. Our Main program, the UGM Contests, are designed to run across the country acknowledge your students with three months to 12 years of music study up to age twenty one. The contests are geared toward exalting students to continue their music education, whether or not or not they intend on creating music a career. The UGM national contest, control annually, brings along the foremost representative crosswise of the UGM membership. At the national contest academics could also be given the chance for unique informational sessions. National competitions finals occur at the national convention and have the outstanding performances of scholars altogether instrument areas. The UGM competitions are the foremost productive and prestigious student competitions within the country. These competitions attract the best performers in piano, strings, voice, woodwinds, brass, organ, guitar, percussion and accordion.

UGM Examination Program, will provide your students with an opportunity for performance in a noncompetitive atmosphere. Participating students will be supportively critiqued by a qualified adjudicator. Each student will receive recognition, while being offered incentive for practice and selection of challenging repertoire. The UGM examination program is offered periodically during the fall and winter months.
UGM's Music Theory Tests encourages all students to continue their music study and strive to achieve goals that will not only help them become better musicians, but also will enhance their love and appreciation of music. Students completing the program are rewarded for their achievement with a special UGM Plaque. AGM Theory Tests are offered at all AGM contests.

Grant & Cash Award Opportunities

The UGM awards grants annually to students who show need so they may participate in UGM contests. Many opportunities exist for students to win several established cash awards at the national contest only.

Find Camaraderie and Collaboration

As musicians and educators, we recharge our batteries by learning new pieces and techniques - then sharing what we’ve learned with our audiences and students. Our member community and events provide a support structure enabling you to connect and collaborate.  You continue to grow and shine – and share that enthusiasm with your students.

UGM NEWS Magazine

NEWS is UGM's quarterly journal. As an UGM member you will receive a subscription with your membership. NEWS's purpose is to provide you with articles, reviews and regular columns that inform, educate students and music teachers and foster excellence in the music teaching profession. NEWS will motivate you and keep you up to date on the latest Ukranian Guild of Music events. Our newest journal is an electronic publication called Allegro Vivo. This e-newsletter is to keep UGM teachers informed of issues essential to their current UGM experience. Check it out!

UGM is the best investment you can make to help you realize your full  potential as a music professional.

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